Who we are, and about us

We are a family owned and operated high standard nails salon.  We have gone through many of the difficult times and understood what is necessary to make our customers happy and return to our. Its difficult to make everyone happy, but we are passionate about what we do and try our best . Especially a salon that customers would love and enjoy the experience for a long time. We are not only passionate about nails and beauty, but also passionate about going to work each and everyday and just being here to see and see our clients.

Please allow us to service you in the best way that we can.  

Work with us to become better, and enjoy our unique services that we are currently offering. 


We have created an ambient environment , cleanliness and up most standards and safest protocol to service you. 

We use different sets of tools on each customers each day. Sterilized and clean our tools thoroughly

Discard one time file and buffer, pumice stones usage for each client. Most of our products are near organic and less harmful for you. Look for our green products in store.

We do care for your health, therefore we do understand what we must do each day.

We will work with you with any situations as a team to get the job done.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you. We have all wonder clients.  


Email: [email protected]